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ZERO GRAND DESSERT chocolate sponge with warm chocolate center served with vanilla ice cream 6.50

HAZELNUT HEAVEN artisan hazelnut ice cream with a liquid chocolate centre, served with a homemade short crust biscuit and chocolate ganache 6.50

DELIZIA AMALFITANA sponge cake filled with lemon custard and coated in lemon cream 5.95

TORTA CAPRESE warm chocolate and almond cake served with artisan pistachio ice cream 6.50

PROFITEROLES homemade profiteroles topped with chocolate sauce 5.95

TRIPLE CHOCOLATE chocolate semifreddo with nougart, mascarpone, chocolate sponge cake cubes and topped with chocolate sauce 5.50

WILD BERRY FROZEN YOGURT plain frozen yogurt topped with wild berries 5.50

TIRAMISU homemade traditional tiramisu 5.95

BRAMLEY APPLE CRUMBLE bramley apple crumble 5.95

NUTELLA CHEESECAKE with a buscuit base 5.95

SEMIFREDDO AL LIMONCELLO homemade limoncello semifreddo 5.50

PANNA COTTA served with wild berries 5.50

MERINGUE light crisp meringue filled with chantilly cream and chocolate pearls, garnished with strawberries 6.50

CHOCOLATE MOUSSE homemade chocolate mousse 5.50

CREME CARAMEL homemade creme caramel 5.50

LEMON SORBET lemon skin filled with lemon sorbet 5.50

ICE CREAMS vanilla, chocolate, pistachio and strawberry (2 Scoops) 5.50

CHEESE BOARD selection of Cheeses with crostini bread 9.90